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How to generate linear industrial manufacturing and warehousing barcode labels ?

Industrial barcode software creates barcode labels for industrial manufacturing and warehousing industry. Industrial barcode generator program creates bulk list of linear barcodes that are useful for labeling warehousing and industrial manufacturing products. You can create linear barcode labels in different fonts including coda bar, code 128, code 11, code 39, code 93 and many more.

Using the following steps you can easily creates linear warehousing and industrial manufacturing industry specific barcode labels:

On clicking Barcode Settings the following window appears:

Barcode Settings

Manufacturing barcode labels

How to design barcode labels using manufacturing industry barcode software ?

The above window includes following options as:

Select Barcode Font: Select the Barcode Font for example Code 11 Font

Barcode Value: Enter the Barcode Value. (Select “Add Checksum” and “Show Checksum” options if required while creating barcode label). (Note: Checksum is a value used to check the integrity of barcode value.)

Barcode Header:Enter the Barcode Header details.

Barcode Footer: Enter the Barcode Footer details.

Align Header: Set the Barcode Header to "Left, Center or Right".

Align Footer: Set the Barcode Footer to "Left, Center or Right".

Bar Height (cm): Set the Bar Height

Density (cm): Set the Density

Hide Barcode Value: Select to Hide Barcode Value.

Hide Barcode Header: Select to Hide Barcode Header.

Show Barcode Value in Top: Select to Show Barcode Value in Top.

Hide Barcode Footer: Select to Hide Barcode Footer. cm stands for centimeter.

You can also change the Barcode Settings using following tabs:

General Settings

Font Settings

Color Settings

Image Settings

How to design inventory barcode labels using professional barcode maker software ?

General Settings for warehousing industry barcode software:

General Settings

Industrial barcode labels

General Settings tab includes following options:

Bearer Bar (Vertical): Set the Vertical Bearer Bar value.

Bearer Bar (Horizontal): Set the Horizontal Bearer Bar value.

Narrow to Wide Ratio: Set the Narrow to Wide Ratio value.

Character Grouping: Set the Character Grouping value.

Left and Right Margin (cm): Set the Left and Right Margin.

Top and Bottom Margin (cm): Set the Top and Bottom Margin.

Value Margin (cm): Set the Value Margin.

Header Margin (cm): Set the Header Margin.

Footer Margin (cm): Set the Footer Margin.

Font Settings for manufacturing industry barcode software:

Font Settings

Manufacturing barcode software

Font Settings tab includes following options:

Barcode Value Font: Select the Barcode Value Font.

Barcode Header Font:Select the Barcode Header Font.

Barcode Footer Font: Select the Barcode Footer Font.

Color Settings for industrial label maker software:

Color Settings

Barcode label maker

Color Settings tab includes following options:

Barcode Color: Select the Barcode Color.

Barcode Background Color:Select the Barcode Background Color.

Barcode Header Color:Select the Barcode Header Color.

Barcode Footer Color: Select the Barcode Footer Color.

Barcode Value Color: Select the Barcode Value Color.

Image Settings for manufacturing barcode system:

Image Settings

Barcode label design software

Select Clipboard Image Type:

Bitmap: Bitmap is the type of image format used to store digital images.

Resolution Independent Metafile:Resolution Independent Metafile is a high resolution image file format to save the barcode label.

Image DPI– Enter the Image DPI (Dots Per Inch) value while you copy or save barcode image.

Orientation– Rotate the barcode image in 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees.

Note: Image DPI value changes are only applicable when Image Type “Bitmap” is selected.

Save Barcode: Click "Save Barcode" button to save the generated barcode label.

Copy Barcode: Click "Copy Barcode" button to copy the generated barcode label. You can paste the copied barcode in MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Paint etc.

Print: Click "Print" button to print the generated barcode label.